What's included?

We have organized Video Club into themed courses for your convenience. Each course has 4 or more scaled workouts, from gentle and mild to sweaty and spicy. Also included are proposed workout plans and videos with tips, technique, anatomy info, and other nerdy tidbits from Kristina's brain. New videos are uploaded regularly!

Video Clubhouse

  • Looking to connect with other Video Club members around the world?

    Just because you want the convenience of working out on your own schedule doesn't mean you don't want to meet other bendy-curious folks! Enter Video Clubhouse, a community here in Thinkific, where you can meet others, share memes, and pepper Kristina with your questions. Once you've signed up and logged in, you will see Video Clubhouse in your dashboard under Communities.

Kristina Canizares

Founder & Head Coach

Kristina came to coaching after working to heal her own body from injuries sustained as a dancer and circus contortionist with hypermobility and other autoimmune conditions. She trained contortion with Serchmaa Byamba at San Francisco Circus Center, then began coaching at Cirque School LA in 2009. She has coached flexibility all over the world and works with clients to manage hypermobility, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, and functional mobility challenges. Her clients include professional performers, athletes, and folks who just want to feel better in their bodies. She considers herself a facilitator of conversations within the body for better kinetic relationships.


  • Do I need a lot of equipment?

    No, we have designed Video Club workouts to use minimal equipment so it really can be easy for you to do any time, any where. Some common equipment we use includes a mat, yoga blocks, a physio ball, a strap, resistance bands/mini loops, and sliders. Once you sign up, you will see links to shop from if there is equipment you do not already have. You will also see any common household alternatives that could work instead.

  • Can I make workout requests?

    Please do! Once you've joined Video Club you will be automatically enrolled in our Video Clubhouse where you can meet other Video Clubbers, discuss the workouts you love to hate (or hate to love), and make requests for future workouts! You can also email us at [email protected].

  • How do I cancel?

    You can cancel your subscription by logging in, going to My Account, then Billing, then under Subscriptions you will find a Video Club line with a Cancel button.

  • What level of difficulty are the Video Club workouts?

    The workouts start out very gentle, accessible, and restorative. These workouts are perfect if you are newer to flexibility fitness, just getting back into it, or looking for something restorative to do on your days off from being a bendy beast. The workouts scale up to intermediate level, offering challenges to your strength, flexibility, and control. These workouts are perfect for folks looking to achieve intermediate level flexibility poses (flat splits, bridges, standing backbends). These are also excellent warm ups and supplemental workouts for more advanced benders.

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