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  • On Demand Workouts

    25+ targeted workouts to meet your desired challenge and goals with our Flexibility Fitness Video Club. Do the workout you want when you want!

  • Curated Programs

    Kristina-curated programs of 1-3 months to take the guesswork out of your training and give you a structured regimen to work towards your flexy goals.

  • Community & Support

    Communities and discussion threads where you can post, ask questions of Kristina and your fellow benders, and share your experiences as you bend.

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Meet Your Head Coach

Kristina Canizares

Founder & Head Coach

Kristina came to coaching after working to heal her own body from injuries sustained as a dancer and circus contortionist with hypermobility and other autoimmune conditions. She trained contortion with Serchmaa Byamba at San Francisco Circus Center, then began coaching at Cirque School LA in 2009. She has coached flexibility all over the world and works with clients to manage hypermobility, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, and functional mobility challenges. Her clients include professional performers, athletes, and folks who just want to feel better in their bodies. She considers herself a facilitator of conversations within the body for better kinetic relationships.

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