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What to expect from Video Club

A message from Kristina

Course curriculum

    1. A Welcome Message from Kristina

    2. How to Navigate in Thinkific

    3. How to Use This Course

    4. Suggested Equipment List

    5. Flexibility Fitness FAQ

    6. Training Journal Download

    7. Join the Bendy Community!

    1. Breathing Exercises to Relax the Back and Neck for Improved Posture 🌶

    2. Restorative Movement - Gentle Full Body Mobility 🌶

    3. Full Body Mobilization - Warm Up Everything 🌶

    4. Full Body Activation - Warm Up Everything Even More 🌶🌶

    5. Full Body Fire - Warm Up Everything the Most 🌶🌶🌶

    1. Stretching for Adults: The Fit & Bendy Philosophy of Flexibility

    2. 4 Lifestyle Tips to Assist your Flexibility Training

    3. You Can Be Both Strong and Flexible

    4. What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Flexibility?

    1. Happy Hips 1: Gentle and Restorative 🌶

    2. Straddle Splits and Hip Rotation: Start Here 🌶

    3. Prepare for Front Splits 🌶

    4. Happy Hips 2: Strengthen and Align 🌶🌶

    5. Strong Hips = Flexible Hips 🌶🌶

    6. Building Strength for Front Splits 🌶🌶

    7. Am I Ready to Start Working on My Front Splits?

    8. Building Up to Healthy Middle Splits 🌶🌶

    9. Getting into the Front Splits (Gracefully and Without Misery) 🌶🌶

    10. How to Get Your Full Front Split 🌶🌶🌶

    11. Full Middle Splits... Without the Tears 🌶🌶🌶

    1. Hip Anatomy: What are your Hip Flexors and how do they Work?

    2. What is a Square Split and Why Should I Do One?

    3. How Long Should I Hold My Split? (Or Any Other Stretch)

    4. What's the Difference Between Straddle and Middle Splits

    5. Tight Hip Flexors? Try These Lunge Variations for Better Results

    6. Clamshell Tutorial: Best Butt Exercise for Flexible Hips

    7. 2 Exercises to Combat Knee Pain in Middle Splits

    8. Close to the Floor but Can't Get Flat? It's time for Oversplits!

    9. How to Do a Swim Through Split!

    10. Copy of How to Find and Strengthen Your Psoas Muscle

    1. Neck and Shoulder Mobilization - 🌶

    2. Strong Shoulders = Happy Shoulders 🌶

    3. Building Active Shoulder Flexibility 🌶🌶

    4. Deep Shoulder Flexibility: Going Past 180 🌶🌶🌶

    5. Spinal Mobilization 1: Gentle, Loving Movement 🌶

    6. Spinal Mobilization 2: Strong and Bendy 🌶🌶

    7. Spinal Mobilization 3: Active Back Bends 🌶🌶

    8. Spinal Mobilization 4: Deeper Backbends 🌶🌶🌶

    9. Spinal Mobilization 5: Focus on Upper Back Extension 🌶

    10. Spinal Mobilization 6: Upper Back Strength for Active Backbends 🌶🌶

About this course

  • $20.00 / month
  • 54 lessons
  • 19 hours of video content
  • Flexibility Tips & Tutorials
  • Community Support

What is included?

  • Video Workouts

    Mild to spicy workouts focusing on full body stretch, hips and splits, and shoulders and spine that you can do anytime with minimal equipment

  • Flexibility Education

    Additional tutorials and educational materials compiled from Kristina's teaching experience to help you make the best decisions for your training

  • Community

    Join the Fab Video Clubhouse to share experiences, ask questions, and connect with other bendy friends from all over the world

How Does Video Club Work?

  • Can I do the workouts on my own schedule?

    Yes! All the workouts are on demand, available 24/7 so you can work out whenever you want

  • I'm just starting to train flexibility, will there be workouts at my level?

    Yes! The workouts start at mild and gentle and work up to medium spicy so you can start where you are, and add difficulty as needed

  • I'm an advanced bender, will there be workouts at my level?

    These workouts correspond to the level of FaB's legendary Intro to Contortion class that builds up to full splits and a bridge backbend. If you are looking for more advanced instruction please consider private lessons

  • What if I have questions or need feedback?

    The Video Clubhouse is always available for you to post photos and videos of what you are working on and ask questions of Kristina and the community

Meet Your Coach!

Kristina Canizares

Founder & Head Coach

Kristina came to coaching after working to heal her own body from injuries sustained as a dancer and circus contortionist with hypermobility and other autoimmune conditions. She trained contortion with Serchmaa Byamba at San Francisco Circus Center, then began coaching at Cirque School LA in 2009. She has coached flexibility all over the world and works with clients to manage hypermobility, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, and functional mobility challenges. Her clients include professional performers, athletes, and folks who just want to feel better in their bodies. She considers herself a facilitator of conversations within the body for better kinetic relationships.

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